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Lemon & Raspberry Pancakes

I thought i’d share this recipe today in case anyone needs any last minute Valentine’s day inspo. A homemade breakfast is the perfect way to show someone you love them & these fluffy lemon and raspberry pancakes may be a bit more of a treat than your average bacon sarnie but are actually super simple and can be whipped up in under twenty minutes. So if you’ve forgotten the card, haven’t had time to go out and get flowers, or if you said you weren’t doing presents this year but come to realise your partner’s got you something anyway… this recipe is the perfect last minute (but heartfelt all the same) Valentine’s day surprise! Or if like me you’re spending the day solo, love yourself, make your own pancakes, and look at the silver lining… you don’t have to share.

| Tip – I used a large heart shaped cookie cutter as a template to get the shape of my pancakes (mine’s from IKEA) but folded up tin foil shaped into a heart would also work, just be extra careful when removing from the pan. Or if you’re feeling confident and have a steadier hand than me by all means you can freehand it! |


If you do try out this recipe, I hope you enjoy the pancakes & happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow – whatever you’re doing may your day be filled with love and good food!





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